Take me back to the 90’s!

I heard this song on my way to the set today and I immediately had a feeling of nostalgia. I thought of the good old happy days when I was a kid. Take me back to the days where I would dance to this beat at the Summerland Beach Resort with a bunch of kids I just met. Take me back to the days where I would carelessly devour my strawberry and vanilla ice cream without counting calories. Take me back to the days where I would enjoy going down the water slide without caring if my hair got wet. Take me back to the days where I knew nothing of this world and all the horrible things people do to each other. Take me back to those heady days at the end of the civil war when everything in my country seemed possible and optimism ruled the day. Take me back to the days where I had no worries and no responsibilities. Take me back to the days where I lived fully with no fears and regrets. Take me back to my tomboy days where I would wear baggy jeans, a large t-shrit and a cap worn backwards. Take me back to the days where I would play beach volley ball and not care about bruises. Take me back to the days where I was innocent, naive and free. Take me back to the days when I never paid attention to what people said. Take me back to the days where I could laugh out loud without looking around me. Take me back to the days where the only way I looked at the world was through my heart-shaped pink glasses. Just take me back to the 90s!


Sundays are for the Blues – Etta James

I’ve been listening to a lot of Jazz n Blues recently in my caravan, especially during my down time. I was never really into the Blues but for some reason, it’s all I can listen to nowadays. So, if you care to expand your knowledge of Jazz, you can start by listening to Etta! She sings from the heart and her voice alone can stop my breath. My favorite tracks are: A sunday kind of love, Anything to say you’re mine, Dream, Fool that I am, I’ll dry my tears and At last.

“Tristeza” Help me find the lyrics!

My grandfather and I were catching up and walking down memory lane. We were thinking of my deceased grandmother and how much we both missed her to death. He played ‘Tristeza’ by Los Machucambos saying that it reminded him of her, and then he took my hand and made me dance to it. “It’s quite an upbeat song for a track called Tristeza”, said my grandfather with tears in his eyes. Indeed, this song makes me want to dance and cry at the same time. I remember spending hours looking for the lyrics until I finally did; they were beautiful and meaningful. But, I never saved them and I can no longer find them! Please, if you somehow, somewhere can find those lyrics, don’t hesitate to share them with me xoxo Love, Ray.