‘The Armory Show’ 2016 Recap


Left to Right – Top to Bottom

Anish Kapoor, Barbara Probst, Candida Höfer, Carlo Massoud,

Clarissa Tossin, Lucio Fontana, Kehinde Wiley, Letha Wilson,

Namsa Leuba, Nick Cave, Olivio Barbieri, Robin Rhode,

Vanessa Beecroft, Zahele Muholi, Awol Erizku, John Coplans

Additional: Anette Kelm, Nobert Bisky, Vik Muniz, Alice Neel, Alfredo Jarr, Andrew Moore, Thomas Struth, Lucio Fontana,Borden Capalino, Ai Weiwei, Wolfgang Tillmans, Richard Patterson.

LACMA callin’

LacmaLacmaIf you happen to be in LA, you MUST go to LACMA at once! I got two names for ya: Calder and James Turell – Way to hit two birds with one stone! Needless to say, both exhibitions were amazing but make sure you buy tickets for Turell online as they are always sold out! You have until April to catch Turell and until July to see Calder’s work.

I wasn’t allowed to take any pics so here are two cool outdoor shots I took with my IPhone – I used Hipstamatic App.

Which effect do you prefer?

Mike Kelley at Moma Ps1


Mike Kelley at Moma Ps1

I was (finally) able to catch the Mike Kelley exhibit at Moma Ps1 right before the show ended. I spent the whole of my Saturday jumping from one floor to the next closely examining his work – It was jaw dropping. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy so I wasn’t able to post my pics before and the exhibit is now over! (Mea Culpa). However, here’s a collage of some of his work – Trying to make it up here, show me ya teeth luv!

DOC NYC at the IFC

“Documentary storytelling is flourishing like never before – encompassing reportage, memoir, history, humor and more. DOC NYC celebrates this cultural phenomenon and encourages its new directions.” – IFC

If you’re into documentaries, make sure you attend the DOC NYC festival at the IFC center on the 14-21 November.

You can also check out dazed digital’s list of the Top Ten Activist Films.

Perfoma 13

Don’t forget to make time in your cultural agenda to watch a few of the Performa shows happening everywhere in New York city until November 24th. Check out the Calendar and make sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible!

Last night, my friend and I wanted to watch Eddie Peake‘s tableaux vivants at the Swiss institute. We didn’t really rush to buy the tickets and by the time we got around to getting them, they were SOLD OUT. As a result, we went in earlier, put our names on the wait list and stood in the cold patiently/impatiently for about an hour. After a good freezing session, the hostess gave us the ‘Im-so-sorry-but-you’re-not-getting-in’ look but handed us Performa Programs as a consolation prize. We were both surprised and disappointed for not getting in but we made sure to learn our lesson and vowed to organise ourselves for the next time.

Following our sweet & sour rejection, we sat in the Soho Grand Hotel Lobby for about three hours and went through the program from top to bottom. Here are the Performa shows I am going to watch (pending on interest and ticket availability).

– Highlight go the week: Jerome Bell and Theater Hora Disabled Theater.

-I’ll be checking out the work of Clifford Owens, Jamal Cyrus, Terry Adkins, Shana Lutker and Molly Lowe.

– It’s impossible to find tickets for Rashid Johnson and Einat Amir. Perhaps they will reply to the email below drafted by Jamie.

We are extremely eager to see Rashid Johnson’s performance and are very disappointed that tickets are sold out every night this week. We would be thrilled if you could add our names to the wait list. We are very very flexible with dates and would be happy to attend any evening performance.

Please consider us.

Jamie & Razane

If you are one of the fortunate ones who got to check out the shows I couldn’t get into, do share your experience here luv!

Low Winter Sun

Yesterday, I attended the sneak preview of AMC’s new series Low Winter Sun at the IFC Center in New York.

low winter sun 1

This series stars Mark Strong and Lennie James (Both are English actors with an impeccable American accent). The screening was followed by a live streamed Q&A of the cast members along with the writer Chris Mundy. Judging by the first episode, the series does seem interesting and has a very strong cast.

However, I didn’t particularly enjoy the Q&A. While most of the cast members described their experience in Detroit (We get it, you LOVE it); others gave regular shout outs to people in the theatre (Ones that were off screen – but of course) and two actors gave away by mistake information regarding the plot (Total spoiler alert).

Low winter sun 2

About: The AMC original series Low Winter Sun is a contemporary story of murder, deception, revenge and corruption in a world where the line between cops and criminals is blurred. Based on the award-winning 2006 British miniseries of the same name, Low Winter Sun begins with an act of retribution — the murder of a dirty cop by two fellow Detroit detectives, Frank Agnew (Mark Strong) and Joe Geddes (Lennie James). Seemingly the perfect crime, in reality the murder activates forces that will forever alter the detectives’ lives and pull them into the heart of the Detroit underworld.  reference

This series premieres on August 11th on AMC. Click HERE for the full schedule.