August: Osage county (2013)

I’m not sure why August: Osage county didn’t get the same attention as all the other Oscar nominated films; I sure as hell enjoyed it a lot more than “The Wolf of Wall Street”.  This movie revolves around a dysfunctional family headed by Meryl Streep that reunites briefly at the funeral of a family member. Meryl, as usual, gives us a jaw dropping performance and is supported by an impressive female cast such as Julia Roberts, Julianne Nicholson, Juliette Lewis and Margo Matingdale. Theses irons ladies get my vote for best ensemble cast for 2013. The movie is now available on most flights so make sure you squeeze it in!  My favorite part is a dialogue exchange between Julia Roberts (Barbara) and her estranged husband Ewan Mcgregor (Bill)

Bill: Maybe I split because of it Barbara: Oh, is this your confession then? When you finally unload all? Bill: You’re thoughtful Barbara but you’re not open. You’re passionate but you’re hard. You’re a decent funny wonderful woman, and I love you, but you’re a pain in the ass!!

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