The show must go on

This week is probably going to be one of the most hectic weeks in my life. In addition to booking a commercial and a photo-shoot; I have to pack up my house, move out, work on a new part in a foreign language and find time to workout. Every time I feel I’m going to collapse, I hear myself singing this song. As much as I love Queen (And boy, I do!); the version from Moulin Rouge keeps playing in my head (along with the introduction below that I have memorised for some reason).

Send christian away only you can save him.
He’ll fight for me.
Yes. Unless he believes you don’t love him.
You’re a great actress Satine, Make him believe you don’t love him.
Use your talent to save him. Hurt him to save him. There is no other way.  The show must go on Satine, we’re creatures of the under world. We can’t afford to love.
Hurt him. Hurt him to save him.

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