Give your man a nudge with Fiona!

I lie in an early bed thinking late thoughts,
Waiting for the black to replace my blue,
I do not struggle in your web, because it was my aim to get caught.
But daddy longlegs, I feel that I’m finally growing weary
Of waiting to be consumed by you.

Give me the first taste,
Let it begin, heaven cannot wait forever.
Darling just start the chase,
I’ll let you win, but you must make the endeavor.

I just have to start by saying that Fiona is beautiful. She’s got a beautiful voice and the lyrics to this song are beautiful. That’s three beautifuls for you! (Although not to crazy about the video clip, sorry Fifi).

Now, back to the point of this post. This song brilliantly expresses how a girl feels when she has been getting to know someone for a while and can no longer wait for their love to be consumed; to get the “first taste”. It’s that moment where you feel so much electricity, it almost paralyses you. You’re feeling the intensity and the courant between you and the other person, but he’s still not making the next step. You’re not sure why he isn’t actually doing anything about it, but you’re sure he digs you. Sometimes (rarely nowadays) men like to take their time, especially when they care about a girl. I mean who even knows! Maybe he wants to take this slow or perhaps he’s a little insecure when it comes to you. You can try to remedy that by sending him this song which is like giving him the green light and that extra push he just needs.

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