Treat your loved ones for the Holiday

Air Ancient BathsI rarely receive gifts, not even on my birthdays. So imagine my reaction when I opened my mail (on my birthday) and saw a gift certificate from Aire Ancient Baths. I got so excited that I decided to save this one for a special occasion. When I got back from the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, I was in desperate need of a massage. You probably guessed what happened next. I decided to put my birthday gift certificate to use and headed down to Tribecca. My experience at the Aire Ancient Baths was divine. I spent an hour hopping (or floating) around the Turkish Baths (Hamams) followed by a heavenly massage. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. I spent the rest of my evening walking on sunshine.

5 valuable tips:

  1. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit. I forgot mine but thankfully, they had an extra one that was new.
  2. You can book a couples massage (If you want of course).
  3. Book it in the evening so you go straight to bed.
  4. Forget that you emptied your wallet for this and just enjoy it.
  5. And if you’re treating someone with this experience, trust me, they will love you forever!

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