Feel Food hits my Health Spot

Feel FoodOne of the benefits of living in a city such as New York is the ability to eat healthy food. Ever since I’ve discovered Feel Food, I’ve been hooked!! Usually, I prefer eating food that is cooked because it’s better for your digestive system. As a result, I always end up having the soup of the day (choice between two soups) and the Quinoada Bowl with the stew.

Feel Food Menu

The stews vary daily and you can have Brown Rice instead of  Quinoa. As an alternative, you can have either the Quinoa or Brown Rice with a topping of vegetables instead of the stew (these also vary daily).

Why should you try it?

Feel Food Cook - Shoba

The food is cooked on the spot by the wonderful cook Shoba (in the picture on the left.) The service is friendly and the place is environmentally responsible. You can also opt to have a cold pressed juice, gluten free and vegan treats and a selection of healthy snacks.

Address: 496 6th Ave between 12th and 13th St

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