Suit & Sweet – The online rental service for suits has launched!

For all the hard working women in New York city, I suggest you check out Suit & SweetThe rent-the-runway for suits and business attire!

Whether you’re looking to vamp up your wardrobe or need to look good for a professional event, you can now rent business suits for a fraction of the retail cost!

My story with Christine Short, the co-founder of Suit & Sweet.

When I first moved to New York city, I was pretty much on my own. It was the third time that I started from scratch and I was very lost. One day, a friend was talking to me about his neighbours and asked me if I knew mine. “No, why would I?”. I felt like I had insulted my friend who just looked at me like I was some sort of alien “Why wouldn’t you!? How can you not know your neighbours!?”. Well, in my defence, the last time I said hello to a neighbour in London, he looked at me as if I had murdered his baby. Winnie and TiggerFor this reason, I decided to stay away from awkward hello’s and to spare myself from half-assed responses from my neighbours. In london, It’s almost considered rude to say hello to someone. However, the latter does not apply when it’s sunny. Somehow, when the sun shines, every grumpy person turns into a hyper/kind/jolly person – Think Winnie the Poo meets Tigger.

Christine and Ray

don’t know why but my friend’s words resonated in my head. The next day, I decided to introduce myself to my next door neighbour.. I walked three steps, knocked three times and waited for three seconds. I said to myself, Oh well, I tried” as I headed back to my flat. But before I could shut my door, a beautiful and charming young woman opened her door and smiled at me; It was Christine. I introduced myself and ended up chatting with her for about an hour. She was warm, she was kind and she was funny; I felt like I had won the neighbour lottery! I was instantly comforted and I didn’t feel so alone anymore. 

Christine shares my passion for films, helps me practice for my auditions, leaves me little ginger chews at my door (‘Cos she knows how much I love them), teaches me about life, listens to my crazy stories and tirades, shares her chocolates with me (Even the ones she got from Switzerland), lets me watch TV at hers (‘Cos I don’t have one), dances with me in front of the mirror at any given moment, joins me when I escape to my little imaginary world and even sings with me from the top of her lungs while I pretend to play the guitar.

I’ve seen Christine come back from work almost every night and opt to work some more on this start-up as opposed to resting or going out like the rest of us. She is by far one the hardest working women I know. I am so grateful to have a person like her living across my hallway; one that leads by example. Christine’s generosity and kindness extend beyond words; I would love to pay her back by spreading the word about her business.

If you felt inspired by our story, I would appreciate it if you could contribute in any way and help our sister’s idea take off 🙂

For more information or to request an interview, please contact Christine Short on or on 917-232-9153. Alternatively contact Hannah Levenkron at or 585-613-1839.

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