Perfoma 13

Don’t forget to make time in your cultural agenda to watch a few of the Performa shows happening everywhere in New York city until November 24th. Check out the Calendar and make sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible!

Last night, my friend and I wanted to watch Eddie Peake‘s tableaux vivants at the Swiss institute. We didn’t really rush to buy the tickets and by the time we got around to getting them, they were SOLD OUT. As a result, we went in earlier, put our names on the wait list and stood in the cold patiently/impatiently for about an hour. After a good freezing session, the hostess gave us the ‘Im-so-sorry-but-you’re-not-getting-in’ look but handed us Performa Programs as a consolation prize. We were both surprised and disappointed for not getting in but we made sure to learn our lesson and vowed to organise ourselves for the next time.

Following our sweet & sour rejection, we sat in the Soho Grand Hotel Lobby for about three hours and went through the program from top to bottom. Here are the Performa shows I am going to watch (pending on interest and ticket availability).

– Highlight go the week: Jerome Bell and Theater Hora Disabled Theater.

-I’ll be checking out the work of Clifford Owens, Jamal Cyrus, Terry Adkins, Shana Lutker and Molly Lowe.

– It’s impossible to find tickets for Rashid Johnson and Einat Amir. Perhaps they will reply to the email below drafted by Jamie.

We are extremely eager to see Rashid Johnson’s performance and are very disappointed that tickets are sold out every night this week. We would be thrilled if you could add our names to the wait list. We are very very flexible with dates and would be happy to attend any evening performance.

Please consider us.

Jamie & Razane

If you are one of the fortunate ones who got to check out the shows I couldn’t get into, do share your experience here luv!

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