Come on down to Chelsea!

Graffiti in ChelseaMy mom was in town (NY). That means I had my personal chef, a cleaner and my own photographer for a whole week. I’m just kidding, mom means a lot more to me than just that – but she might be the only person in the world to love me unconditionally and to put up with my picture demands. Thank you mother, if only my friends could feel the same!

So, as we were walking around Chelsea and visiting my mom’s favourite store Comme Des Garcons, we came across this wall right by the shop – I couldn’t resist posing and getting my mom to take pictures (Think 20 at least).

Comme des garcons entrance

Even though it is quite expensive, I suggest you visit the store just to check out the interior design – Uber FUNKY! (I would put a picture of it but a very big stylish dude caught me before I could even press my finger on the camera button). It’s on 520 W 22nd St  Manhattan, NY 10011.

Make sure you take someone with you and have fun!!!!! Happy posing 🙂

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