A shot of this a day, keeps the doc away..

cure to coldsYou might not know this about me but I am not a huge fan of Alcohol. A glass of alcohol is enough to keep me going for the whole night. I also don’t do shots. (That’s a B.I.G no no!) I know what you’re thinking – Cheap date huh?!

But yeah, the only shot I would ever have is a Vital shot – (Ginger, Lemon and Cayenne Pepper) along with a small shot of Immunity (Echinacea, Goldenseal, Astragalus, Shitake, Dan shen, Nu zhen zi, Sweet orange, Lemon balm, Vitamin C, Zinc and Green tea).

Winter is around the corner, better make sure your immunity system is up and running in order to avoid spending the winter sick in bed (Like I always do!).

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