How to make money selling drugs

‘How to make money selling drugs’ is documentary that reveals the secrets on how to make money selling drugs. Literally. It is filled with interviews with drug dealers, prison employees, lawyers and celebrity testimonials. Half way through this tutorial, the documentary takes a pivotal turn. It brings up arguments that forces to you rethink your take on the global ‘war on drugs‘ while helping you understand why it is corrupted and how officials don’t want to put an end to this 400 billion dollars industry. In addition, it forces you to see drugs as a social problem and invites you to look at it with a compassionate eye as opposed to making a systematic judgement.

“The government, they don’t want you to use your drugs, they want you to use their drugs”How to make money selling drugs  Chris Rock.

I can’t lie, I was captivated from the start. Hell, for a moment, I even wanted to become a drug dealer! Although, I felt like we were given way too much info and that the switch should have happened sooner; I do support this film and believe in its underlying message.

Here is a picture of the director Mathew cooke and the producers Bert Marcus and Adrian Grenier at the Q&A after the screening at the IFC.

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