Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill

Dirty Wars

Dirty Wars is a captivating documentary that follows the journalist Jeremy Scahill as he covers war zones. More specifically, this documentary is about “America’s war on terror” and sheds light on what is really happening outside the US borders. 

In a nutshell, Jeremy explains how the war on terror is spinning out of control. Covert operations are gaining momentum by raiding homes and killing many innocent people in Yemen, Afganistan, Iraq and many more.

The covert units such as JSOC have been given a green light by the government to kill or find anyone that has been put on a list. As a result, they are willing to do anything to cross out these names, even if it means empowering warlords.  “These forces are continually searching for a nail” , says Jeremy,  “they (the units) are killing people not because what they have done but based on what they can become; it’s a twisted logic with no end”.

Jeremy Scahill

“These are stories with no end where undelclared wars are happening, foreigners assassined in the name of self-fulfilling prophecies.” 

Jeremy forces you to rethink the US policies regarding the ‘War on terror’. He criticises the government for carrying out operations without thinking of future repercussions. What happens when innocent people are killed from ones family? The likelihood that they become Jihadists and retaliate increases! The US might be taking all these actions in order to prevent future damage, but their efforts can easily backfire and create more resentment in the world.  


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