Frances Ha (2012)

Frances Ha is a movie by Noah Baumbach that follows the life of Frances Handley, a Frances-Ha-Ha-651x36627-year-old dancer who lives with her soul mate and best friend Sophie. When Sophie decides to move out, Frances is forced to adapt to a new lifestyle and embarks on an interesting journey.

Here are the main reasons why I liked this film:

frances-haThe character: Although the movie is a tad bit long, Greta Gerwig‘s authentic performance is breath of fresh air. Frances is such a loveable and endearing character that is able to disarm anyone with her charm. I was highly captivated and entertained by her throughout the film.

The progression of the story:  The story progresses in a very realistic manner; There ain’t no fairy tale ending à la Hollywood. Frances starts out as a person that depends completely on her best friend, Sophie. When Sophie unexpectedly leaves her life , Frances is completely lost and has to figure out how to live on her own. After a series of events, Frances gets her act together and re-establishes new solid ties with Sophie – The movie ends in a simple and plausible manner.

130510_MOV_FrancesHa.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeThe monologue: Half-way through the film, Frances reveals her overall objective and delivers a beautiful monologue about Love.  According to Frances, Love happens when you find your soul mate – That one person that can understand you with just one glance. It can be anyone you connect with who makes you feel that they have your back, which is what Sophie represents for Frances.

The movie is uplifting and has a Charlie Chaplin/Annie comedic feel to it. I highly recommend that you watch it with that one person that you can’t live without.

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