Betty Davis – Star of the Golden Age of Hollywood

I’m often asked about who my favorite actresses are. I always seem to cite people from the past such as Natalie Woods, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and of course Bette Davis.

Bette Davis - by George Hurrell 1940 - The Letter

Bette is so talented it’s hallucinating. She is one of the few actors that really understands the characters she portrays and makes you believe it. Bette is known for her wide expressive eyes and for her unconventional beauty and skillful manipulation of melodramatic material . Bette has 123 movies under her belt, has won two Oscars and another 21 wins & 19 nominations. To say that she is the best is an understatement. I’ve watched many of her films, but here are my favourite three:

‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’ (1962) directed by Robert Aldrich. In thistumblr_mdb47iZ93E1qgnicy movie, Bette is Baby Jane Hudson, a former child star gone mad that torments Blanche Hudson, her crippled sister played by Joan Crawford. Blanche wants to sell the house while Baby Jane opposes it and hold her captive as an attempt to stop her.


I held my breath throughout the film and witnessed Bette Davis at her best. It’s really a movie not to be missed.

MV5BNzU5NzU4MjM0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDA2NTQ3Mg@@._V1_SX214_‘The Letter’ (1940) directed by William Wyler is another triumphant film that isn’t so well know. It starts with Bette as Leslie Crosbie chasing a man and killing him cold-heatedly. She claims it was self-defence – but we know better than to believe that!


As the story unfolds, her whole future depends on her ability to find a letter that can prove her undoing. It is a great suspense-thriller type of film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


‘Now, Voyager’ (1942) by Irving Rapper is about an impossible love affair between Charlotte Vale (Bette Davis) and Jerry Durrance (Paul Henreid). In this film, Davis transform from a frumpy, frightened and troubled child to a beautiful, glamorous and elegant lady.

now1 Aside from the fact that this showcases Davis’ mad talent, it is the home of one of my favourite quotes:


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