An Interesting Encounter..


I was at the post office sending a few letters when I heard a weird sound from across the street. It almost sounded like a guitar, yet it had another layer to it. I was mesmerised and without thinking, I crossed the street and entered a tiny shop called The Music Inn. There, I found Jeff (check out the picture) sitting on a chair just playing a weird instrument on his own. It was The Oud/Electric guitar, an instrument that had he invented.

I started chatting with Jeff and ended up spending an hour with him talking about all sorts of things. He shared his thoughts about life, his adventures and spoke words of wisdom. Out of all the things he said, this is what stuck with me:

“Live life just for the fun of it, without having any expectations. When you do something, do it fully and do it for the pleasure of it as opposed to doing with a goal in mind. ” 


Jeff is the owner of The Music Inn, World Instruments located on 169 West 4th St. New York (West Village). If you like music, I suggest you pop by and check out the huge array of instruments. Hopefully, Jeff will also be there and you might learn a thing or two.

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