‘So Ham’

So Ham – I am That (That which is immortal and everlasting)

Let me give you an example to explain what this means: When I was 16, I used to model and I was in school. Ten years later, I am an actress and I am no longer studying. Ten years from now, I might not be acting anymore and I might be doing something else. I am not in school nor modeling but I still exist. The things I identified myself with in the past, no longer exist. The only thing that is real in Yoga is that which doesn’t change. My career, my identity, my labels will always change; they are like stickers that have an expiry date. With Yoga, you are able to shed all these ‘labels’, to reach within and to see yourself for what you really are. In other words, I am that I am. I am everlasting and I am eternal; that is the truth.

How to use So Ham in your practice:

  • Sit in a Lotus position and start by chanting Om three times
  • Chant So Ham as many times as you like
  • Finish with one Om
  • Engage in some Ujjayi breathing: Inhalation and exhalation are both done through the nose and are equal in duration. Make sure you engage your throat passage and create a sound similar to that of the ocean.
  • Start your practice and with every breath in, repeat So and with every breath out, repeat Ham. (Repeat in your head and focus on your breath)
  • Try to keep it up throughout the different Asanas, and allow your breath to flow.
  • You can also use So Ham when you are meditating using the same technique.


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