The Great Gatsby (2013)

images-5To be completely honest, I was very skeptical about watching Baz’s version of The Great Gatsby (2013). I am such a fan of the one with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow (1974) that I thought nothing could top it or even come close to it. So, I reluctantly dragged my friends to the movies tonight and apologised beforehand in case the movie was bad. I mean most films that are commercialised to that extent turn out to be a huge flop, right?

cn_image.size.great-gatsby-movie-houseOh I was so wrong, I was blown away! You can be a grinch and say things such as “This doesn’t exist in real life hon”. Obviously, it doesn’t. It’s like when you’re watching a James Bond movie. You must believe that cars can fly or else you won’t enjoy the film! With these types of films, you have to face the silver screen with an open mind and believe it exists.

the-great-gatsby-partyBaz Luhrmann is particularly great at making films that sweep you off your feet into another realm. To me, it was an experience. The movie is based on a great novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and transported me into a magical world with a great cast, grandiose parties, wonderful costumes accompanied by a superb soundtrack. 101829-the-great-gatsbyAs I was watching the film, I took a moment to observe the crowd; no one could take their eyes off the screen. Some girls were sighing at the sight of Leo (some boys too), others wished they could BE at that party and occasionally a girl would smack her boyfriend: “Why can’t you be like him?!”. 

images-3More than anything else, I loved how I felt after watching it; it gave me hope. I felt like I was floating high in the sky, like how a teenager feels after being kissed for the first time. Leonardo Di Caprio also made me feel that way in Romeo & Juliet (1996). I remember falling in love with Romeo (and what he symbolises) and longed for the love he expressed for Juliet (Clare Danes). d_2087174bUltimately, every human dreams of being loved in that way. Probably that’s why everyone loves the show Downtown Abbey; they all wish they could experience powerful love like Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew (Dan Stevens). And if they say they don’t, they’re probably lying.

Bottom line, If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you do. Keep an open mind, put those 3D glasses on and allow yourself to get on the wagon and enjoy the ride.

Ps: My favourite scene is when Jay is showing Daisy his home for the first time and throwing all the shirts around. I could almost taste his happiness.

Here’s the trailer:

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