Think About It: Why vs. How

There’s something that my mentor Rima Rani Rabbat said in class that stuck with me; I decided to share it with you all.

She said that we tend to ask ourselves the wrong questions. Why is my boss screaming at me? Why am I not happy? Why doesn’t this boy like me? Why is this happening to me? and so on.

When really, we should be asking: How did I get to a point where my boss thinks that it’s ok to talk to me like that? How can I change that? How and what can I do to make me happy? How can I get over the fact that this boy doesn’t like me and move on? How can I learn from this situation?

Asking yourself WHY puts you in a position of a victim; whereas asking yourself HOW empowers you and allows you to take control of your life in order to make a change.

Instead of dwelling on your current situation, seek solutions. Think about it.

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