The Secret for Soft Skin

images-3Ok so this is going to sound a little odd for some of you but I use products for pregnant women on my skin. Yup, you read that right: Pregnant products for the non-pregnant gal!

Somehow, all the creams I use to hydrate my body are never enough. I have tested ALL of them – Seriously, I used to stock so many skin-related products around the house, you’d think that I live in a supermarket! However, all that is long gone baby since I’ve discovered  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula.

Every time after my shower, I just open that jar and apply a generous amount of cream on all my body. You have to stand around for a minute or two in order to allow your skin to absorb it, but you always find something to do. (ie. Remove the makeup from your panda eyes – you know what I’m talking about girl). images-4You might not feel the effect straight away and it might be a little too thick but after a week, your skin will feel much smoother. It will also help with unattractive marks and scars – Lord knows I’ve paid the price for being a little Clumzy-Queen! They also have creams for stretch marks that work great if you’ve been a yoyo dieter.

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