Flashback – One Fine Day (1996)

Picture a charming divorcé, George Clooney, with the cutest little daughter on this planet, Mae Whitman (No joke – My heart melted when I watched her act). I was so thrilled to see her all grown up in last year’s movie, “Perks of Being a Wallflower“.


Then Picture another drop-dead-eternally-gorgeous divorcée, Michelle Pfeiffer, with her endearing little son, Alex D.Linz. Now, imagine both parents meet one fine day, and end up getting together and living happily ever after.

I know, I know, this movie was released in 1996. Why am I talking about it right NOW? Well, for the simple reason that it just happened to pop up on the Telly in London recently. As soon as I saw it, I unexpectedly experienced a little flashback and felt a myriad of emotions  & thoughts – Ones that would like to share.


I first watched it when I was nine years old and I could totally relate to Maggie,  the little girl in the movie. She came from a divorced family (Check), had an adoration for cats (Double-Check), the cat’s name was Bob (Mine too), always disappeared (Triple-Check) and had a gorgeous/loving father who would stop at nothing to make her happy (I’m fortunate to have a father like mine).

This Tv-Film gave me hope and made me sad at the same time. Hope, because I never stopped believing in a reunion. And Sad, because I knew deep down that it was very unlikely to happen.  I would secretly cry every evening hoping for my parents to get back together. I even remember making up a fake husband, Putchi Bayda, in order to feel as if I had a united family – Don’t ask me how I came up with his name! We had eight beautiful kids together and would often wake up my mother in order to sleep next to her as her bedroom was bigger.


That being said, after re-watching it recently, It just made me realize how much we, as kids, are encouraged to want a conventional happy little family and feel so awkward when mommy and daddy aren’t living under the same roof. As they were both moving on with their lives, I started to behave like Lindsay Lohan did in “The Parent Trap” . With my sister as a sidekick – we were really up to no good with my Step-mother. To the extent that we were WANTED! (see picture)

IMG-20120716-00716Now that I’m all grown up, I just wish I could go back in time and hug myself as little girl and tell her that everything is going to be alright. Divorce really isn’t the end of the world – Shit happens. As you grow up, you realise that your parents are Humans and they are also entitled to have their own life. As long as you are able to maintain a healthy relationship with each parent, you should be fine. Besides, I am a firm believer that everything always happens for a reason. I developed a very vivid imagination as a child in order to escape my reality, one that came in handy today especially with my career choice.


Now that I am able to be objective, I really enjoyed watching this film. After all, the acting is great and the Clooney-Pfeiffer Combo is to die for! Besides, it’s always fun when you watch older films and see things that no longer exist – Like, how New York City looked in the 90’s, or these HUGE Mobile Phones people used at that time..

One thought on “Flashback – One Fine Day (1996)

  1. I love One Fine Day and never get tired of talking about it. It must be the fantasy?
    That your horrible day can turn into magic. That you get to fall in love with George Clooney or Michelle Pfeiffer. And that it can all happen in one day.
    Films like this keep us breathing, keep us hoping. And Michelle Pfeiffer has never been more gorgeous. I am so in love with her in this movie.

    A great movie, a gift to the heart.

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