CLEAN. Remove. Restore. Rejuvenate

Clean-CoveIf you are having health issues, or need to boost your immune system. Try doing the CLEAN program. Ever since I tried it two years ago, I saw lots of improvements in my health, energy level and I never got sick again. (ok, that’s isn’t completely true. I got sick only once and that was a month ago while we were in the deep freeze in NYC)

Basically, I despise calory-counting diets. I can never say, “I can’t eat this, I’m on a diet” or count calories. If I do so, it only makes me want whatever I can’t have even more. What I like about clean is the fact that it’s based on an Elimination Diet: To avoid eating all the products that irritate your body and prevent it from naturally cleaning itself and detoxing. Instead of a ‘normal’ diet, it encourages you to make simple but permanent changes to your eating habits. Ones that stick forever!


  1. Liquid (Breakfast), Solid (Lunch) , Liquid Meal (Dinner). Giving your digestive system a break. 
  2. Elimination Diet. Refrain from having Caffeine (Replace with Yerba Mate), Dairy (Coconut, Almond or Rice Milk instead), Soy (Use Tamari sauce instead), Meat (Your body doesn’t digest it), Acidic food (They cause Acid Reflex – that includes oranges!), Alcohol (It contains wheat), Gluten (Irritates your system – Have Gluten Free) and more.  Basically this reduces potential irritants that affect the digestive
  3. Leave a twelve hours window between your last meal and your first meal the next day to allow your body to detox ( 8 hours to digest, 4 hours to cleans itself).
  4. Have a spoon of oil at night (Flaxseed oil, castor oil) to ensure you have a regular bowel movement.
  5. Drink Water. Lots of it. And remember to Breath to reduce Stress levels..
  6. Be Active.  Yoga & Deep Tissue massages are encouraged.
  7. Get some R&R. Sleep as much as you can. Your body needs it to recover.


  • If you feel puffy after eating – It’s usually because of GLUTEN or WHEAT. Most people are allergic to it. Try switching to Gluten free products.
  • Alcohol comes from grains – by facto it includes wheat & gluten. Try having purer forms of alcohol – This means no more wine or vodka.
  • Dairy products from Cows produce Mucus that doesn’t allow your body to eliminate toxins correctly. If you were to pick one product to eliminate, I’d pick that. Try having Goat cheese or Cheese derived from Almonds.
  • Combine your detox with Colonics. Opt for the open colonic instead of the closed one. Major difference. (Read about it, you’ll understand why).
  • I haven’t had any form of red meat in the past five years – Every time I would have a steak, I would feel drained and sleepy as all my system would be focusing on digesting it! Opt for lean meats if you are THAT desperate.


It wasn’t difficult for me to do this, especially that I lived in LA: Land of the health Freaks! However, to this day, I try to stay away from Dairy products, Meat & Gluten. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have these on some occasions. But, I always opt for the healthier choice if it’s available. If you do this, you will instantly feel your energy bubbling up!

In addition, once a month (Once a week for freaks) have a Juice Cleanse that gives your digestive system a rest and allows your body to get rid of all the toxins.

FInd out More:

Or you can go to WE CARE SPA that is a Juice Fasting and Spiritual Retreat in Palms Springs that works hand in hand with CLEAN.

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