The Secret for Healthy Hair

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, ever ever imagesEVER use the big BAD curling iron! The girl in this picture might be smiling now, but she won’t be for long! Having done commercials for oh-so-many hair products, I know how much work it requires to make hair look this healthy. You need to understand that nothing about this picture is real. Firstly, they have castings all over town to search for the perfect girl who already has beautiful hair. Secondly, they groom her hair for days prior to the shoot by trimming it and having plenty of hair masks. And finally, the day of the shoot, they spend 4 hours on her hair, infesting it with hair extensions and products to make it look this pretty. And don’t forget our good old friend, Photoshop, to give it that extra shine!!

The model probably doesn’t care about what she advertises, because it’s just her job. She just wants to show up on set, have the shoot, pray for the day to be over, get paid and then SAYONARA people – Moving on. They make you believe that her hair looks that great all thanks to the product they are trying to SELL (Always keep that in mind). Curling irons and the whole iron family (Flat irons too) are really bad for your hair as they dry it out completely and increase your hair loss – Before you know it, you could be able to sweep the floor using your hair as a Broom Stick!! So not SEXY

IMG-20120712-00678I know you like those curls boo, but it ain’t over yet! Truth is, you can recreate those curls with a normal hairbrush when you’re getting a blow dry. You just need to find the appropriate hairdresser who knows how to do it.


  • Make sure you ask the hairdresser to leave some space between the blow dryer and your hair. I know most of them love to stick that thing right on your hair thinking that it’s a shirt they are trying to steam..
  • Don’t forget to apply some protective serum.

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