The Association of International Photography Art Dealers – Favourites


Start from the top left corner, clockwise:

  • Mike Brodies – American Travel Photography. He Cris-crossed through the US for 3 years and got amazing shots. Worth looking him up.IMG_1583
  • Ayana Sudo – I actually got to meet this artist from Osaka. She’s a pretty funky woman who enjoys being in her pictures. Although, that’s a guy in the photo I included in the Collage. Close call.
  • Alex Prager – Self taught photographer – Cine Noir
  • Kelly Anderson-Staley – Portraits – Randomly went all over the world and took the portraits of anyone who would accept. This is the result.
  • Miles Aldridge – I loved his work – Remind me to buy his book.
  • Nobuyoshi Araki – After the death of his wife, he started working with prostitutes that he would photograph & that contributed to the creative process behind these shots.
  • Mathew Porter – Flying car, cool shot.
  • Vik Muniz – Brazilian Photographer – Beautiful puzzle
  • Zanele Muholi – Works with transgender and black/white contrast. Great portraits.

My Top 3: Vik Muniz, Miles Aldrige and Zanele Muholi

Extras not in this collage:Vivian Maiei (Nanny by week, photographer by weekend – her work was discovered after she passed away), Eadweard Mybridge – (Studied basic movement – committed a passion crime too), Franscesca Woodman  (Autoportraits – Commited suicide) & Andrew Moore

PS: Special Thanks to my photographer friend, Jamie Diamond, that provided me with all this juicy info x

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