Brand Lovin’

I recently discovered Russel Brand’s new TV show, Brand X, on a flight from London to New York. I’m actually quite surprised at myself for not having been in the loop as I’m quite a fan of Russel. I laughed so hard while watching this episode that I got the what-does-she-think-she’s-doing-doesn’t-she-realise-that-she’s-on-an-airplane LOOK??? (Read the latter with a sophisticated British accent).

Come to think about it, I’m not sure if I laughed so much because I actually have a little crush on him or if it’s because he’s really funny. I think it’s both. It’s like when you’re on a date with a guy/girl you fancy and LAUGH ridiculously at anything they say! You’re not even sure why you laugh so much – Is it their effect? or what they actually say? Doesn’t matter – as long as you laugh whole heartedly.

Now, back to Russel – crush or no crush, this guy IS hilarious! And he’s definitely someone I would want to work with some day. (I can already see the headlines – Ones that I opted to remove because they really DID sound funnier in my head!) I’ve seen so many interviews he’s had (some of the more serious ones) and I relate to many of the things he speaks of, he actually IS brilliant. It takes a really confident person to be able to let go and just be. I find it so refreshing when I see people embracing their true nature and the fact that they are different. “Brahhhvoww”. (Read with Maggie Smith accent).

Here’s a little clip from The Ellen Show when he met Sophia Grace & Rosie. Get ready for some Essex overdose.

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