Magritte – Les Amants (1928)

magritte-les-amants-1928Last week, while going through my storage box, I stumbled upon a postcard of “Les Amants” (1928). I had bought it years ago in Paris, when I went with my mother to a Magritte exhibition. As I found the postcard, I felt a wave of Nostalgia hit me. You see, when I was little, I would always get frustrated when I couldn’t remember all the paintings I would see at a museum. (I was so keen on learning about art and impressing my grandmother). That day at the exhibition, my mother offered me the best piece of advice – one that I still apply to this day.

She said: “Darling, you cannot possibly memorize all the artists and paintings that you encounter, it takes years to know them all. However, anytime you visit a museum, just make sure you pick ONE favorite artwork and buy a postcard of it. You should then write behind it what you felt and why you liked it. That way, it will forever be imprinted in your memory.”

I took her advice and bought the postcard of “Les Amants”. I can’t remember why I made that choice in particular as I didn’t write anything at the back – I kinda wish I did.

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