All’s Well that Ends Well

After a long day on set, I just couldn’t wait to get home to slip into my favorite PJs and pass out. As I was getting into my unwinding routine, I heard noises from next to the heater. I was so exhausted that I thought to myself: “Woman, you must be tripping!”.

The moment I got into bed and closed my eyes, I heard the same noise only this time it was a lot more intense and I felt something move.  My heart… STOPPED.  What could it be? A mouse? I mean it sounded like one.. Or perhaps a rat? (Lord all mighty, have mercy on me!!) Or maybe a pigeon stuck in the vents??? No, no, it definitely sounded like a mouse – A very hungry one might I add!

IMG_0892SIDE NOTE: Obviously, I shouldn’t be surprised; this city is bested with mice, rats, roaches, and a lot more fuzzy/or not so fuzzy intruders. However, I’m so OCD about cleanness, I never thought this could happen to me! In all honesty, the only mouse I’d actually tolerate comes in the form of a cartoon and that’s Mickey Mouse. Besides, I really wish I spoke mouse-squeak; that way I would tell him/her not to bother searching this flat because there is no food!

Back to the story – I panicked, jumped out of bed and immediately started serially calling anyone I knew within a five miles radius! Luckily, I got a hold of a couple who invited me over. By the time I got there, it was already IMG_11392am. While my girl friend was offering me cupcakes, her boyfriend was setting up the inflatable bed. They very kindly offered their own bed, and would not take no for an answer. After plenty of moments of laughter, I finally fell into a deep sleep. At around 10am, I woke up to my friends’ voices calling me to join them. I walked over to the kitchen and found a huge breakfast set up as they both looked at me inquiring about my sleep.

IMG_1144For a moment, I thought to myself “I must be dreaming”! Is it possible for two human beings to be this kind and generous? I mean, I was grateful to have a place to stay; there was no need to do all this. And yet, they did it full-heartedly. Wait I’m not even finished yet – Next day, they even accompanied me to my house, scanned the whole place AND helped me secure all the holes, where my new roomie could squeeze in and out off!

IMG_1184Now, whether you think my fear of mice is ridiculous or not, that’s not the point.. This story is about something bad turning into something good. Had I not fled my house because of a mouse, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have breakfast with my friends, who made me feel like I had my family here with me. And that was priceless.

Thank you to the lovely couple who took me in, the world needs more people like you. All’s well does indeed end well!

2 thoughts on “All’s Well that Ends Well

  1. I thought you were gonna call someone over to help you kill the mouse, not to flee the scene and sleep over. Oh well, at least you had a great breakfast but you cant let a mouse dictate your life. How about you get a really mean cat???

  2. I once killed a lizard by mistake when i was 7 and felt really guilty. I dug a whole in the ground, buried him and invited all my friends to his funeral service – And that all happened during playtime at school! I doubt i have it in me to kill a mouse, I’d actually feel bad to have intentionally caused harm on a living soul..I was too tired to deal with the mouse last time but i manned up now 🙂

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