All Hail to Kale

IMG_1355Meet Lakpia Shekpa (pic). I have been seeing him nearly every morning, ever since I’ve moved to New York. (And no, it’s not because we are having a liaison.) Lakpia works at Juice Generation, my favorite Juice bar in NYC!

Since we remain in the deep freeze, we can all benefit from adding greens to our diet, in order to boost our immunity system. On a daily basis, I get a ‘Hail to Kale‘ juice with an extra shot of ‘Immunity‘. Occasionally, I have the ‘Vital Shot‘, whenever I feel that I am getting a cold.

salad-kale2For lunch/Dinner, I cannot resist their ‘Kale Avocado Salad‘, it’s truly one of the best in the City!

In addition, If you’re looking for a good Kale salad, you can also try it at Il Buco (47 Bond St), The Lion (62 W 9th St) or at the Soho House (29-35 9th Ave).

Ever since i have included Kale into my regimen, I’ve never felt better! All hail to Kale!

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