Fairwell Faux-Friend

Being an ex-smoker, I know just how annoying people can be when they tell us off for smoking. There’s nothing more awful than being told: ‘Did you know that smoking kills you?’ – DUH – Especially when all it makes me want to do is light a cigarette and get a hit of nicotine.

For as long as I know, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with cigarettes. I was smoking a pack a day on an on-and-off basis for years. Three weeks ago, I got a very severe sinus infection and I was literally in bed for 10 days with fever, stomach pains and the whole Shebang.

On the bright side, the thought of having a cigarette was nauseating. I was faced with two choices: I could either get agitated and frustrated about not being able to smoke or I could take advantage of this opportunity and stop for good. I picked the latter.

Obviously, smoking cigarettes is bad. And I can only hope that everyone who smokes is able to stop. So I won’t dwell on that matter, as you probably know all theImage facts already.  All I’m saying is,  if you want to stop, you could try two things:

  • Read Allen Carr’s book: Easy way to stop smoking
  • Download Jason Vale’s app on your Iphone. (Same as Allen but more interactive)

I was very skeptical to try the App but it was worth a shot as it was humanely impossible for me to smoke.  I first listened to Jason for two hours straight (He kept me entertained) and then I would wake up/fall asleep to his English accent feeding me words of encouragements (‘starve that monster’ sort of things.) There’s even a PANIC! button that you can press if you’re having a craving. (It’s like having a Sponsor).

ImageToday is day 21 and I haven’t had a craving for a cigarette ever since Jason entered my life. Even thought you might want to punch him sometimes, keep reminding yourself, he’s actually trying to help you 🙂


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